Elbsides - building a secure WebRTC based KVM with a raspberry pi

Slide depicting architecture of the KVM

Tim Panton

For the last couple of years I have been going to B-sides events. These provide a way of keeping me up to date on thinking in information security without too much vendor BS.

Bsides was created as low cost, community driven alternative to the big vendor driven security conferences.

Bsides are (or were pre-pandemic) local events, sponsored by local infosec companies with practical how-to talks. I decided to offer a talk for Bsides Hamburg - (Elbsides) which was operating a virtual event with Bsides Munich.

I’d been experimenting with using our webRTC agent to build a KVM to give me remote access to a firewall device, this gave me a chance to write about the technology I used and the thought process that went into it

My talk was accepted here are the slides

and here is the video

From the |pipe| point of view what is interesting about this project is the flexability of the “|pipe| is a webRTC proxy” model.

We took code that was designed to support a baby monitor and by adding a single class to support new hardware capabilities we repurposed it to give remote access to the screen and keyboard of a device - with suitable security.

Tim Panton ,

June 22,2021