Connecting the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things must be secure, private and simple; yet IoT developers lack both security, experience and tools. We offer a security toolkit: an API with device code plus branding and technical support.

Pairing an IoT device could not be easier: Just open the browser and snap the QR code. It’s that simple.

Strong cryptographic keys are exchanged directly between smartphone and IoT device creating a direct encrypted channel between devices with no intermediary server nor certification authorities.

We call it secure proximity-based identity pairing.

You own the device so you have control.

You can lend it to someone assigning them usage rights or connect devices together.

Privacy is assured and all the data passes securely between smartphone and device, not via the cloud.

Simply secure and private - by design

We support the following platforms

Raspberry Pi BeagleBone Black Samsung ARTIK Intel Edison Chip! Tux - Linux Logo Chrome logo