How to Whip up an opensource WebRTC stack in a week.


Tim Panton

I gave this talk at commcon

In it I introduce whipie - an open source WHIP client for the raspberry pi.

I also describe the WHIP protocol - which is intended to replace RTMP as a way of doing low latency video ‘upload’ for sites such as Twitch, YoutTube etc. using a constrained version of webRTC.

You’ll learn about how the component protocols of webRTC (ICE, STUN, DTLS, SRTP, RTCP) fit together and perhaps a bit of software engineering.

I also talk about my motivations for doing the project and why I didn’t use any of the existing webRTC stacks.

The slides for my talk are here,

The video is now on YouTube,

and here is Whipi on github

Tim Panton ,

December 05,2021