Ten Joyful WebRTC apps


Tim Panton

I have fond memories of going to cluecon in person So I was delighted to speak at it this year (albeit virtually)

I presented a whistlestop listicle of 10 niche webRTC apps we’d built to spread some joy.

I finished up with the same demo I did for IIT - I shared a QR code for audience members to scan on their phones. They loaded a page with live video from an IoT camera on my desk here in Berlin. Edge to Edge P2P connectivity. We maxed out my vdsl line with 21 users at 1.5Mbit/s of h264 video each.

Thanks to all who participated and to cluecon for inviting me.

The slides for my talk are here.

Also the video is now on YouTube.

Tim Panton ,

October 27,2021