Portrait of Tim Panton and Simon Hossell

Tim Panton

Founder & CTO

Tim invented the |pipe| technology and filed the technical patents.

Prior to starting |pipe| he cofounded a web-based telephony company and subsequently sold the IPR to Tropo Inc., which was then acquired by Cisco. Before that, Tim was technical cofounder of Westpoint, a web security company recently acquired by Capita.

Tim writes all the |pipe| software and manages product development and - leveraging all this experience - he helps define WebRTC standards at the W3C and IETF.

Simon Hossell

Founder & CEO

Simon is an experienced telecoms entrepreneur, a specialist in business strategy, sales and marketing, finance, legal and media.

Prior to founding |pipe| he set up and ran European operations for Gracenote, a California-based company, licensing software and data services to large consumer electronics OEMs, automobile companies and entertainment services like Philips, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, VW, Spotify, etc. Gracenote was acquired by Sony Corporation of America.